Your Daughter Begs for Help - BJ 1080p - Astrid Jolie

Your Daughter Begs for Help – BJ 1080p – Astrid Jolie

You come home and walk into your daughter studying her least favorite subject, Astrophysics. She doesn’t understand anything and begs for you to help her, but you don’t have much time and hesitate… what would make this worth it? What can she do for you that you need… that you crave? You realize that this is the perfect the opportunity to get her on her knees. Convincing her isn’t that easy, your daughter is hesitant and worries about Mommy coming home and seeing the both of you. You finally convince her to get on her knees, and she takes your cock out of your pants and gasps. She never knew how big Daddy’s cock was. You promise to help her with her homework after she takes your cock in her mouth. Your daughter is shocked at the sight of your big cock and tries to fit it into her mouth, but she has trouble. She looks up at you and begs for you to stop, but you want her to keep her lips around your thick cock for while before your wife gets home. Your daughter gags on your cock, her eyes watering, but ultimately she does want to please you. You slap her face a few times with your cock afterwards, and your wife comes home at the perfect time. It looks like you’ve just been helping your daughter with her homework, and the secret is safe between the both of you.

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My Pervy Family - Michele James - Dad... Can You Help Me With This?? 2160p

Dad… Can You Help Me With This?? 2160p – My Pervy Family – Michele James

My daughter needs help with something, but I’m not sure it’s something a father should help with.. But her sensuality was too much for me to resist.. I give her exactly what she needs – my thick juicy cock! Michele begs for my dick deep in her sweet pussy.. I grab onto her big natural DD titties as I slide my dick in and out of her. As I get closer to cumming, my daughter says “please daddy, I want to taste your cum!” Watch Michele suck me off till I blow my load in her mouth!

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Bareback Studios - Karma RX in Remote Control Daughter - Never Disrespect Daddy

Karma RX in Remote Control Daughter – Never Disrespect Daddy – Bareback Studios

Luke is enjoying a cup of coffee in his kitchen one morning, when his daughter walks in to the room. She is wearing tiny jean shorts and a grey crop top with sneakers. “What are you doing here?! Aren’t you supposed to be at college?!” Luke asks Karma. Karma explains to him that she dropped out of college and she is just going to get a sugar daddy or become a stripper instead! Luke notices that she has gotten a lot of tattoos recently as well! He is very upset with his daughter’s life choices. He begins to tell her that he has a new invention at work that he needs to try out. When she turns her back towards him, he pulls out a remote control and says “freeze!” All of a sudden, his daughter begins to act like a doll. He waves his hands in front of her but she doesn’t move or make a sound.
Then he pulls her tank top up above her big tits, and he pulls her shorts down to the ground. Then he decides to unfreeze her! Karma starts to freak out because she doesn’t know how she ended up half naked in front of her dad. Luke lies to her and tells her that she wanted to show him some of her stripper moves! Karma is confused and she tells her dad that his remote invention doesn’t really work. He proves her wrong by freezing her again! “Looks like daddy’s little girl needs a lesson! Don’t disrespect daddy!” he tells her. He pulls her shorts down to the ground and then he lifts her tank top over her head. He decides to program her as “daddy’s obedient little slut,” and she gets down on her knees and opens her mouth. He starts to fuck her face with his hard cock. While his dick is in her mouth, he decides to hit the “unfreeze” button again. Karma is humiliated and confused! She jumps up and runs out of kitchen…

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Family Sinners - Emily Willis - Step Daddy's Girl 1080p

Family Sinners – Emily Willis – Step Daddy’s Girl 1080p

Not so innocent, Danni Rivers, wants stepdaddy, to herself! Proving to him that he wont get better sex from anyone else. Naughty cutie, Emily Willis, seduces step daddy, with her virgin ways! Gorgeous, Paige Owens, catches her stepdad sniffing her panties on her bed. She decides to have some fun with this situation. Adorable Athena Faris cant handle the cravings she has for her stepdad. She cant take it anymore she needs to fuck him. Its time to wake up daddy with her smoking bod.

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my new step parents are nudists! PT.3 - Sailor Luna and Lauren Phillips

my new step parents are nudists! PT.3 – Sailor Luna and Lauren Phillips

Doggy position is my new favorite position with my new step dad!!! My step mom is so smart, she was the one who suggested we try it together 🙂 I love looking into his eyes while he is inside of my step mom. I am so happy I can connect with my family in a new way! It turns out you can learn a lot about your parents when you go down on them. Lauren, my step mom, is a really good teacher. She showed me how to suck a dick with a lot of eye contact, tongue, oh and spit. Playing with my spit is so fun!!! Lauren shoves my head down on him and I have a very deep throat because I can make his whole penis disappear in my mouth!

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my new step parents are nudists! PT.2 – Sailor Luna and Lauren Phillips

After my new family helps me get more comfortable my step mom explains that its great bonding to lick each other! But lick each other in our private areas??? It sounds crazy but it feels so good when my step mom does it to me. My step dad loves being close with me as well, so close in fact that he loves being inside of me. He is such a caring step dad, I love him 🙂 Step mom, Lauren, says I am learning so fast and that I am actually very naturally gifted at intimacy 🙂

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my new step parents are nudists! PT.1 - Sailor Luna and Lauren Phillips

my new step parents are nudists! PT.1 – Sailor Luna and Lauren Phillips

My first day at my new home I am told that there is no need to fully get dressed. My new step mom said I can just leave my bra and undies on instead. At first I thought it was weird but soon I felt super comfortable because my step dad was half naked too….and my step mom! They are nudists and they wanted to integrate me into their lifestyle slowly as to not scare me away. ive never been this vulnerable in front of my parents before but it feels good to be myself to the fullest. I think I am ready to become a full time nudist and my new step mom agrees. She agrees so much that she just had to see my nipples and feel them too 🙂

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