Fat Mommy Sits On Your Face And Fucks You - Tessa Tryst

Fat Mommy Sits On Your Face And Fucks You – Tessa Tryst

Hey, sweetie. You want to be Mommy’s good boy and make her feel good, right? Well today, Mommy wants you to kneel at the edge of her bed so she can sit on your face. I pull my panties to the side, revealing my huge ass and hairy pussy. Pressing them against your face, I tell you to be a good boy and lick Mommy’s pussy. It feels so good, soon I feel extra dirty and tell you to start licking my ass too! Mommy knows her good boy loves worshiping her big BBW butt. But soon she wants more… turning back to face you, I tell you to stand up, and get your cock out. Before you know it I’m on all fours, backing toward your hard cock and telling you to put it in! The bed squeaks as I moan about how good it feels to have you filling me up like this. We start fucking faster and faster until Mommy tells you she wants you to cum– right inside my fat pussy! Won’t you be a good boy and fill up your horny Mommy?

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End of the World with Mom - Tammie Madison

End of the World with Mom – Tammie Madison

In the middle of the night you are awakened by the sounds of planes overhead and distant explosions. Mom runs into your room and drags you to a small closet in the basement. “We should be okay in here” Mom says with a worried look on her face. She does her best to comfort you, but even she is scared and jumps each time an explosion sounds to close. “I’m so sorry baby. I knew things were going downhill in, but I did not think we were already here. I think this is it, darling. This is the end of the world. We may not have much time, but I think we should make the most of it while we can. Is there anything you regret or wished you had done?” Without even thinking about it you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. You never wanted to go out as a virgin. At first, mom is shocked and a little saddened by this confession. She had just assumed that you were getting laid all the time. Then, her face lights up as realizes this is something she can do for you. Mom can make your last wish on earth come true by letting you lose your virginity to the woman you love more than any other.

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The Night Mommy Made You - Siena Rose

The Night Mommy Made You – Siena Rose

Another Loving Mommy style custom: I am your mother and I decided to record the night I was impregnated by your father. I talk sweetly to you about my intentions and tell you that I want you to see how I made you. I stroke your father’s cock and tell him I want to make you. Then I give him a nice blowjob to get his cock ready but I tell you both that I don’t want him to blow his load yet – all of his cum goes in mommy’s pussy tonight. Before I climb on top of him I tell you that it’s okay if your cock is getting hard watching mommy do this and I tell you I want you to stroke your cock for me. Daddy and I fuck in various positions before he cums deep inside me. I tell him I want every drop to stay in me so he can give me a hot son. I tell you that no matter how deep another man has put his cock inside me that no one will ever be able to reach get deep into my pussy as you will be.

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Taboo Mommy in The Kitchen - Roxee Robinson

Taboo Mommy in The Kitchen – Roxee Robinson

What does a Hot Milf do After a date that leaves her unsatisfied? Well she comes home and plays with herself! She starts off by playing with her big Tits. She pulls them out to touch them more. She is a horny Milf. She hops up on the counter and pulls out a toy too. She is hoping She might get caught. Unfortunately she doesn’t but she does get off. She enjoys taboo talk. She is such a naughty Milf

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Mom Indulges Your Foot Fetish In Her Office - Miss Penny Barber

Mom Indulges Your Foot Fetish In Her Office – Miss Penny Barber

I am really glad you came to visit me at the office today but I am also so tired after this long day, especially my feet. It feels so good to finally slip off these high heels.Well thank you very much, I think I look pretty good in these fishnets as well. I would love a foot rub, you are such a sweetheart.
What would really feel great would be to get out of all these office clothes off so I can feel your fingers on my bare feet. Even with my tits and ass out, I can tell it is my toes and soles that are turning you on. I am sure you thought you were being sly but go ahead and pull out that cock. I want to see how hard you get from looking at my feet and I may even let my special little footboy do more than look.

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Mommy Mocks & Humiliates You - Obey Miss Elle

Mommy Mocks & Humiliates You – Obey Miss Elle

You are EVERYTHING a true man should N E V E R be. Nothing is more dehumanizing & emasculating than being humiliated for the little immature baby that you are. Since you act like one, I will treat you like one. I patronise you at a level that you only an ikkle, wikkle baby could understand, take the piss out of you for your actions & I even invite you to suckle on Mommy’s huge breasts… Oh, you like that do you? I can’t help but pity you. You had so much potential as a man, but now you’ll be forever known as the baby who pisses in diapers for Mommy’s amusement.

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Eat Mommy's Pussy - Luna Sapphire XXX

Eat Mommy’s Pussy – Luna Sapphire XXX

It’s your Mommy’s birthday, and you want to make it extra special for me, don’t you baby? Then I need you to be my good boy and lick Mommy’s pussy. I take off my panties and put my pussy in your face, telling you exactly how I want you to eat it. I instruct you to lick back and forth and suck my clit. You’re really good at eating Mommy’s pussy! I turn around and tell you to tongue-fuck me from behind with my ass in your face. Then I sit on your face and ride your tongue and you watch my tits bounce as I cum hard. You did such a good job, baby!

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Mummy's Good Little Piggy - Dommelia

Mummy’s Good Little Piggy – Dommelia

Mummy wants you to be a very good piggy for her. I know that you want to be a very good piggy for Mummy because she will reward you with lovely sessions with her big round milk filled boobies, and you loooove Mummy’s boobies, don’t you? So you need to give Mummy all your pocket money, every single penny! That’s right, just put aaaaaall that money into Mummy’s bank account and then you can snuggle into this cleavage and have lovely soft kisses from Mummy’s big luscious lips and you can jerk your little tiny piggy penis!

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Sex Education from Mom - bbquinn2332

Sex Education from Mom – bbquinn2332

Oh, hey son! Long time no speak… and its about to get awkward. It’s time for the birds and bees talk but I am NERVOUS. At first, I try to describe everything you’ll need to know about sex, but I’m so nervous that I’m just rambling all over the place, so I decide to take a more hands on approach. I have you take your pants off and we talk about masturbation, ejaculation, lubrication, tittyfucking, blow jobs, hand jobs, the basic parts of the female reproduction organs, and penetration both anally and vaginally. Most of it I just talk through with you, giving short examples of how hand jobs should feel, how blow jobs work (and how misleading the name is), how to apply a condom, and so on, but when it comes time for the vaginal sex portion, you decide to try it for yourself and fuck me! Hopefully we have more of these birds and bees lessons, because man, it almost seems like you could teach me a thing or two!

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