Roxy Cox and Eva Ray - Use Our Holes Step-Daddy, Get Us Pregnant

Roxy Cox and Eva Ray – Use Our Holes Step-Daddy, Get Us Pregnant

Roxy and Eva are step-sisters, they think they are alone at home and decide to play with some toys they got. Unknown to them, Step-Daddy is at home and hears them and walks in to find them playing with themselves. They tell Step-Daddy they went shopping with the allowance that he gave them and got some new toys to play with and now they are very horny and want to play with Step-Daddy’s big cock. They both kiss and pull out their big tits squeezing them together and teasing Step-Daddy to get his cock hard. They both get on their knees to suck Step-Daddy’s cock, taking turns sucking and talking dirty. Jerking and sucking his dick till it’s nice and sloppy and ready to fill their tight pussies. Now Step-Daddy want to fuck both of them and first Eva lays back on the couch and takes Step-Daddy’s cock begging for his cum and to impregnate her. Step-Daddy fills her pussy with a big load of creamy spunk and now it’s Roxy’s turn to get fucked by their Step-Daddy. Step-Daddy slides his big throbbing shaft deep inside her cunt and fucks her good and she takes a big creampie and gets knocked up by Step-Daddy too. They love all of Step-Daddy’s cum dripping out of their pussies rubbing and playing with themselves.

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Ivy Dominates - Step-Daddy Takes That Sissy Ass

Step-Daddy Takes That Sissy Ass – Ivy Dominates

Hey, being your step-sister and all, I kinda know everything about you. I’ve heard you in your bed at night, dreaming about someone in particular… STEP-DADDY! I know you fantasize about step-Daddy all the time. I know you think about him. You love to fuck strangers who look like him, I’ve seen those guys. You even go to glory holes with his picture, admit it! And he says you call him all the time and he hears noises… I bet you call him when you’re with those guys! You call dudes “step-Daddy” and beg them to fuck you – “fuck me, step-daddy!” Well, we’ve got a little surprise for you. step-Daddy wants in on this. He wants you to service him. And I’m going to help. Oh, it was just a fantasy? Well, not you’ll be servicing step-Daddy forever. I’m going to hold you down and make you take his dick until he fills that sissy asshole full of his hot, creaming spunk! If you resist, I’ll just have to hold you down even more, maybe even sit on your face. So sit still!

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Goddess Emily - Taboo Bossy Step-Sister JOI

Taboo Bossy Step-Sister JOI – Goddess Emily

You looove stroking to my photos- even though you’re my step-brother. You can’t help it- you’ve been obsessed with your step-sister’s big boobs for YEARS! But today, your masturbation session is interrupted, and I discover your dirty secret! But instead of storming out, your bossy step-sis decides to help out, and makes you continue for her entertainment- she wants to order you around, tease you, and direct this session, because she’s been fantasizing about you, too.

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Baal Eldritch - Taboo Step-Bro Wrinkled Feet Tease and Denial part 1

Taboo Step-Bro Wrinkled Feet Tease and Denial part 1 – Baal Eldritch

You always hanging in my room lil step-brother and i know your secret. You have a thing for feet! LOL! Now you’re blushing! I see you watching my milky, white soft , pink wrinkled little soles all the time… and… well… I see your bulge too ! Maybe you are just my lil-stepbro but your package is huge. But… its so bad that we are relatives! No matter what, thinking about my feet is absolutely forbidden. Yet i can talk about how i like to use my feet on dicks! I can even show you my top secret oiling process, to make them much softer before footjobs. Ill use a little led light, to represent the textures and the wrinkles. You’ll see it up close, but you cant touch it. You know that its wrong, even if you cant rest bc of the frustration. Hmmm so bad that your big-stepsis is a brat. I love to tease you and make you suffer ! Once i demonstrated the oiling softening process and some nasty movements in the air, ill send you back to your room with a wet spot on your pants! Haha!


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Araisyours - Step-Bro's Home

Step-Bro’s Home – Araisyours

You’ve been away at college but today you cut class early and snuck home for the weekend…you’ve missed your babyy sisterr really bad…it’s just not the same away at college without her sweetness around…college girls just don’t do it for you…You decide to surprise your sisterr by sneaking into her bed for her to find you…you lay next to each other and masturbate together…just like the good old times 🙂

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Step-mom Trains Step-daughter to be an Office Slut - Roxy Cox and Brook Logan

Step-mom Trains Step-daughter to be an Office Slut – Roxy Cox and Brook Logan

Roxy the mom walks into office and her daughter Brook is waiting there on her first day, looking bored, playing with her phone. Mom tells her she is finally going to learn what work is really about and start being a productive member of society. Daughter scoffs and tells her mom to stop boring her but Roxy suddenly pulls her up by the hair and grabs her by the throat. “I’m not your mother here, I’m your boss, do you understand?”, “you’ll treat me like your boss and do exactly as your told like a good girl. Mom inspects daughter. First looks at face and tells her to be trashier, slaps her, e.t.c. lifts skirt, feels tits, tells her boobs are too small. Compares to her own big tits and gets them out. Mom stuffs daughter’s bra so she looks like a proper bimbo. Mom turn daughter round and bends her over, spanks her ass. Pulls her panties off and tells her to never wear panties to the office, her job here is to be used for other people’s pleasure so she should always be wet with no panties. Mom pushes a butt plug into her ass – stuffs panties her mouth and rubs her clit as she moans. Mom tells her she’s ready to test her daughters holes to see how well she’ll perform in her duties. Daughter complains but panties in her mouth are muffling the sounds. Mom lifts her skirt to reveal a harness and attaches a big dildo as daughter complains. Roxy gets Brook on her knees and shoves her strap on into her mouth, making her suck and gagging and getting it nice and sloppy dripping onto her tits. Grabbing her head and pushing it deeper and deeper down her throat. Mom tells daughter she is ready for a real challenge and strips her off naked except for heels, attaching a body harness & choker and spanking her with a paddle. She bends her over to face full length mirror and fucks her pussy from behind while pushing her mouth onto toy stuck to mirror for DP. Close up on Brook taking that cock from behind and seeing it stretch her. Mom tells daughter she has done better than she expected and now she’s loosened up, she might just be good enough to be the new office slut, but it’s time to prove it to the real boss. Mom pushes the daughter forward to meet boss’s cock. Daughter’s ass is arched up in the air in background as mom fucks her from behind while daughter sucks on bosses cock in foreground. Mom gives JOI telling her boss to use her daughter’s mouth and eventually tells the boss to cum in her mouth, cum drips out onto floor and Brook plays with it.


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Taboo step-mom - Red Hot Riannon

Taboo step-mom – Red Hot Riannon

Pop is running behind. Riannon calls her step-son into the room and shows off her Lingerie. He like the way she looks and his arousal is apparent. Riannon encourages him to pull out his dick and stroke for her. Riannon tells him all about stroking his cock and masturbating to her sexy body. Riannon pulls out the oil and massages her tits. She talks sweetly to him tills he cums for her.


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Step-Mom and Son Vacation with Coco Vandi - Knight Fetish

Step-Mom and Son Vacation with Coco Vandi – Knight Fetish

Mom has been talking about a vacation for awhile now so a few days ago she booked us a hotel in Florida. We get to the hotel and she goes to change in the bathroom so she can lay out by the pool. When she came out of the bathroom she asked if I would like to take a look at her bikini and took off her robe. I was kinda turned on by what I was seeing. I had never looked at my mom in this way but it was like I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I tried to hide it but I got so turned on my boner was showing and she noticed it. It had been awhile since my mom had sex and I could tell she was turned on too. She told me we could only do this once and we couldn’t tell anyone. She started to suck on my cock before stripping out of her bikini and the both of us moving towards the bed. She realized we didn’t have a condom and insisted I had to pull out because it was close to her ovulation time. We fucked doggy for a bit and then she climbed on top of me. She then soon realized I came inside of her and jumped of the bed, ran to the bathroom scolding me and reminding me she could get pregnant. The next day I walk into the hotel room and she is in a robe with nothing underneath on the bed. She ask me to come over and sit next to her. She apologized for over reacting the day before and told me she couldn’t get my cock out of her mind. She said having sex with her own son was amazing and wants to fuck again. After she takes her robe off I start to go down on her and eat her pussy before sliding my hard cock inside of her. I feel like I’m about to cum so I try to pull out but she stops me. She tells me to finish inside of her so I cum another load as she orgasms. She smiles afterwards and gives me a kiss telling me she wants to continue fucking when we get back home. Mom then rubs her belly and says we need to get ready for a baby.

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Mommy Gets A Bukkake From Your Football Team 1080p - Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

Mommy Gets A Bukkake From Your Football Team 1080p – Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

You and your entire football team won the team Championship, which is rare and a high honor! Mommy invites you and the whole team back to the house to celebrate the win!!! Once at the house, they ask what the surprise is. Mommy tells them that SHE is their reward and surprise!!! They all deserve to see mommy striptease and get on all fours and suck each and every team member until they explode all over her pretty face!!! And you, her son, gets to watch all of them blast your mommy’s face and you will be the very last one to give her your huge, young nut all over her face!!!! Mommy wants to be covered in young boy cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations boys!!!!

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Do You Need One Of Mommy's Special Touches? 1080p - Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

Do You Need One Of Mommy’s Special Touches? 1080p – Butt3rflyforU Fantasies

Mommy comes in your room on a Saturday morning and you are still in bed looking very sad. I ask why you aren’t up and playing with your friends today? You tell mommy that you were turned down my a girl from school. I try to console you and tell you that the girl must not be too bright! I tell you that I know exactly what you need!!! Remember when you were younger and mommy used to give you one of those special massages? You remember? Down there? Let mommy give you one of her special touches and you will soon forget what happened at school!!! Mommy has a magical way of making you feel so much better. Mommy rolls your blanket back and can already see you are ready for her special touch!!!!!

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