Daddy Daughter JOI - Daddy Daycare

Daddy Daughter JOI – Daddy Daycare

I am use to you being in control but today I want to try something different. I tease you to start, making sure your nice and hard before letting you take your cock out. I then tell you to start slowly jerking, up and down. Think about your dick sliding in and out of my throat, how good does that feel daddy? I let you speed up, dirty talking to you. I watch pre cum drip from the tip of your cock and make you slow down again. I tell you to think about slowly teasing my ass hole with your cock. I dirty talk and guide you until I think you’re ready to cum. I then dirty talk to build the intensity, after you are ready to explode, I count down from 10-0 and beg for your cum on my face!

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Step-Sister's Shower - Miss Metal

Step-Sister’s Shower – Miss Metal

I just got home and feel all hot and sweaty, I need a Shower. I see you (my older Step-Brother) just sitting in the living room so I tell you I’ll be right back. Not long after, you follow me, and open the bathroom door slowly – and sneakingly Spy on me washing my body and then using the showerhead with hot water to Masturbate and Moan. But… doesn’t last long, you get caught! I… I was actually hoping you would join me. No turning back now, you saw me naked, now I want to see you too… Actually, do you want to join me in the shower and wash my back? Don’t be shy… I know you want it too… We proceed to get in the bathtub together, my hair is still wet, and your cock is already so hard. I want to put it in my mouth. Oh you taste so good. I do you a very nice and sexy Handjob and Blowjob (I use my realistic dildo) to start out our little secret. Do you want to put it in me? I want it too… We stand, face to face, and you begin to put your cock inside me, who knew it would feel so good? I ask you if you want to fuck me from behind, you agree… And you make me Orgasm twice, while penetrating me deep. Do you want to Cum too? Do you want to Cum inside me?

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Dad's Gone. IT'S ON - Sydney Harwin

Dad’s Gone. IT’S ON – Sydney Harwin

Your father has passed away, leaving your Mom alone and worried for her future. But she need not worry… Now your dad is gone, who better to fill his shoes than you? As the funeral guests sit downstairs, you take advantage of your grieving mother in her bedroom… At first she is not into you at all, but when she feels how big you are inside of her, and how desperate she is for someone to look after her, she soon relaxes and screams in pleasure.

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Lonely Step Mommy - Melanie Hicks

Lonely Step Mommy – Melanie Hicks

My husband is away on business so it is just me and my stepson all alone in the house. I was relaxing in my nightie, I was hoping my stepson would see me sitting there looking all sexy. Soon he comes by and tells me he wants to take a nap. Well that is disappointing! I was hoping he could step in and satisfy me while his dad could not. I suggest he come nap with me instead and after I assure him everything will be ok he agrees. I confess to him that I am very lonely and his dad hasnt satisfied me sexually in a long time. He admits that he has always wanted to be with me and after I assure him his father will never know, he agrees to us exploring. His dick is much bigger than his daddy’s and I have no problem sucking it down while he gropes me. After getting him all worked up, I offer him my pussy and he fucks me so much better than his dad does. He fucks me in both missionary and doggy while I cream all over my stepson’s dick and beg for his cum inside me. Soon he can’t hold back and my stepson dumps his load into my mommy pussy! I thank him and let him go take his nap.

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Mommy Surprise Birthday Blowjob - Luna Sapphire XXX

Mommy Surprise Birthday Blowjob – Luna Sapphire XXX

Happy birthday, baby! I want to give my son a special gift. I know you’re getting older and you’ve started to notice Mommy’s curves. I even see you getting hard right now, looking at me in this lacy lingerie. Take out your cock for me, baby – wow, you really are a big boy now! I start jerking you off and then suck your dick. I give you an amazing blowjob with lots of babying dirty talk, asking if you like the feeling of your own mother’s mouth on your cock. You’re being such a good boy for Mommy! I suck you off until you’re ready to cum, then I encourage you to blow your load in your mom’s mouth and I swallow it all.

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fuck your friends mom - Lissie Belle

fuck your friends mom – Lissie Belle

You always had an eye on her, your the best friend she could ever ask for her son, and now she needs your help, shes desperate broke and way behind on her mortgage, and she knows how wealthy you and your family are, so she asks for a favor if you can please bail her out and pay her mortgage in return she tells you she has no money but that she knows exactly what 17 year olds want! she rides you and dirty talks in spanish, you fuck her ending with a facial!

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Stepson's BBC - Katie71

Stepson’s BBC – Katie71

My stepson has a nice BBC and I love fucking him when his dad leaves. This particular day I was headed to play tennis when I walked in on him watching some porn. After getting a closer look I noticed he was watching my porn which I had no idea he knew about. Anyways, that really got me in the mood after seeing he was jacking off to me so I made my move on him and had some really good sex riding front and back on his huge BBC. After we were done I told him to keep watching my porn and smelling my panties until I get back when I want him to give my ass a good beat down. I love my stepson.

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Hot step-mum teaches you about cuckoldin - Goddess Natalie

Hot step-mum teaches you about cuckoldin – Goddess Natalie

You come back home feeling a little confused, after having caught your girlfriend fucking another guy. You went to see her and the door was open, so you went in and didn’t expect her to have guests, so you thought you’d surprise the love of your life. Little did you know that you were up for a surprise, yourself. She was having the time of her life with a hot, tall, bulky black man with one of the biggest cocks you’ve ever seen. You only saw cocks this big in porn. So you didn’t want to say anything and sneaked in a corner to watch. The weird thing is that you got horny and liked seeing her with a much manlier guy than you are. You then sneaked into the bathroom to jerk off before leaving in a rush, so she doesn’t know that you know. You still have no idea what just happened and what to do next, but you think you hot step-mum might know, since she seems like the kind of woman with a lot of experience when it comes to sex. You go into her room and ask if you could talk, and then share your experience with her. It somehow turns out that it runs in the family, cause you’re not the only one to have a cuckold fetish haha 🙂 but she decides to be sweet and introduce you to the fetish that is about to change your life forever: cuckolding. Get ready, little one, you’re about to learn a lot, so you better get a pen and paper 😉

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Nurturing Mommy - SuzyQ44ks

Nurturing Mommy – SuzyQ44ks

I heard you had a bad day today son. Do you want to talk about it? You can tell mommy anything. I know son people can be so cruel. It’s ok mommy is here to make you feel better. What do you want to tell me? Your dick feels strange? Like how? Oh honey that’s just your dick getting hard and your excited. Let mommy help you. I know this is naughty but no one has to know sweetie. This is just between me and you. Let mommy stroke it for you. How does that feel? Let me kiss it. You like that? Yes mommy is good at this. I love you too son. My baby boy I will do anything to make you feel better. Look let mommy wrap her huge tits around your tit and you can titty fuck me. Feels good?

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